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Insightful, accurate & relevant to your needs

Have you ever noticed how often in life, you need to evaluate your options, or are in need of direction for the future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, your health or your holiday destinations, I can help you choose the best route. 

Welcome to Psychic Reader...a unique & empowering guidance service. Take a look around, explore the site, and see what I can do for you. No mere fortune telling here nor mysterious oracle edicts but instead sensible, magical & usable clarity is offered to you so you may live well & happy :-). Phone & SKYPE services for your convenience

                   Phone; (+61) 0407660320 (text or leave a voicemail  to book your appointment). 


Hi I am Nevine Rottinger

I have always been a highly intuitive person; I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of apparent coincidences, flashes of insight, gut feelings and angels who whisper into our mind & heart. I was blessed with the gift of just "knowing" and "seeing" future events ahead of time. l love helping clients get glimpses of their future so they can feel more empowered & pro-active in their lives. I have been a successful Psychic Reader for 28 years and I look forward to working with you.

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It is a good idea to seek me out for a

Psychic Reading;

  • Whenever you are troubled by your life circumstances

  • When you want to co-create your life instead of just surviving it.

  • When you wish to be pro-active in life. 

  • When you want to understand how to successfully leave behind your undesirable past.

  • When you would like to see all your present or future options in a given situation more clearly.

  • When are at crossroads in your life & choice matters.

  • When you would like to explore your Destiny & Life purpose.

  • When finding the best path & making it work is crucial

 I look forward to working with you. I trust that by giving you glimpses of your future I may help you be better prepared in dealing with life's challenges & miracles. I enjoy using my intuition to light your life path :-)
                   Nevine Z Rottinger 

Experience You Can Trust


As a Professional Intuitive & Psychic Reader of 29 years, I really enjoy sharing my "gift" & skill set with my clients.  I offer a variety of Psychic & Healing services to help clients see their own life’s potential & to live it with joy & wellness. Take a look at the services below, and get in touch when you feel  it is your time. By the way you may prefer a particular style of reading for example; Tarot, or you may decide to just let me receive the messages through a variety of the most suitable channels for your needs.  

By the way none of my services are meant to replace or discredit advice you may be receiving

from professionals in the fields of medicine, law, finance etc.

My fees:

Phone readings, $80 (1/2 hour)  or $150 (1 hour)

Corporate rate; $260 per hour

Email readings ; $ 100 for 500 word answer.


Astrology is built on thousands of years of repeated observable correlations between the movements of planets & stars  with events on Earth at an individual & group level. An exceptional tool I feel for timing the likely occurrence of future events & understanding the "Big Picture" of your life path & experiences. A great tool for a Destiny Reading, Career, Partnership, Business & health outcomes. I am familiar & utilize where needed very complex & powerful  Astrological predictive techniques for your benefit. Of course, my being a Psychic Astrologer is a huge plus in your favour.

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The Tarot & in fact all oracles connect you to your past, present & future with greater clarity. They work as a reflective tool which can pinpoint the crux of any matter you are concerned or confused about. All matter & all events in time are connected by energy & resonate to particular vibratory frequencies. It has long been said by mystics & the Wise that "what is above is below & what is within is without". We know we live in a universe which is fractal in nature we understood that your choice of a few cards selected randomly can foretell the future

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This has always been a very popular part of my practice with my clients. Often times 
it is not just accuracy of the predictions during my readings, but the accompanying wisdom on the value of the experiences that they seem to relish.
I remember seeing & knowing about future events as early as age 5. To fully harness this innate ability I did a psychic development course 30 years ago. I have taught others to develop their own intuition & Psychic ability on & off for 24 years.



 From ancient times  the ancient Mystics, Seers & High Priests understood that nature provided clues to our own destinies if we only looked. They understood that everything in nature was connected & if you looked at one part of nature that it could help you see & understand more clearly the past, present & future events in your own life. Cloud reading is just that... I look up at the cloud formations during your reading & use the information to guide you in life. 

Sky Full of Light


Energy Healing is a safe & highly effective Complementary Therapy. We humans, like everything in nature possess a unique electric-magnetic energy field, vital to our well-being. Sometimes called the Aura or the Subtle Field it can become unbalanced, depleted or damaged & by using specific channeled energy I can & do facilitate wellness at physical & emotional levels in clients.



Get back to your balanced and fully integrated self with this personalized healing service. Have your mind, body and soul aligned, and in touch with your own core- self & soul plan. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to understand exactly what they require  to feel balanced, energized & on track with life.



An easy way to read you & your to hold something that is yours, such as jewelry  in my hands or look at a picture of you. I use it to connect to all available information about you in the subtle layers of creation, including your past & your future. So you could email me or send by phone a recent picture of you if you wish for a very personalized reading.Some other examples are a pen, a hanky or a piece of jewellery (nothing expensive or that you expect me to send back however please.)

Vintage Jewelry


Some Intuitive individuals or Psychics see images of past & future events in their mind's eye....this is referred to as Clairvoyance. Its an ability which is highly developed in me as a psychic reader & adds a very "real" & detailed element to any reading I offer you. Sometimes the images are descriptive of true events to occur & at other times they are symbolic or allegorical in nature.



The element of water is an excellent reflective tool. It quietens the mind almost instantly. I find it perhaps one of the easiest methods to do a reading for someone. The readings can be profound offering the recipient or client very clear & wise insight as to why they are where they are in life & how to better manage what is coming ahead. The Ocean is an outstanding Oracle.

Swift Tide


Energy in any physical environment can become disrupted if undesirable events occur there or as a result of geopathic stress. So if you have a room or house or office which never feels comfortable give me a call & I will clear & re-balance the space for you. Alternatively I can help you whilst you build or renovate your home or business. I can make suggestions as to which elements such as colour, crystals & oils etc you need. I also see  the earth's energy lines & can remedy Geopathic stress in your space. If you think your home might be haunted then know that i can help that soul(s) move across relatively easily for your peace of mind

Buddha Statue


When we dream the three parts of our mind; the conscious, unconscious
& super-conscious work together to decipher whether our life is where it should be & if it is not how to get it back on track. Have you ever gone to bed with a problem & woken up with the solution the next morning? Have you ever had a prophetic dream? Do you have a recurring dream which you know is trying to tell you something important, but you just don't know what that might be ?? Dreams are gateways to greater understanding of you & your life. I invite you to use them as the powerful tools they are with my guidance.

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I define Magick as the ability to use the laws of nature to achieve your desires. Whilst some magicians believe fancy rituals & robes are all you need to create magick. I focus on choosing the most appropriate method,  tools, elements & timing to create the desired outcome. I have a comprehensive understanding of correspondence, ritual & methodology as well powerful focus. So I sometimes design & implement the Magick spell on your behalf.  Yet igniting your magical ability by designing simple spells you may use... is usually where the greatest fun sometimes lies for me & you.

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Both Predictive & Healing this service looks at your soul structure & which aspects of divinity you have within you to achieve your souls's purpose & your mundane worldly goals. 
Inspiring &  Empowering this type of psychic reading is crucial to understanding your Destiny & Life Purpose. It can combine well with Astrology as a long range reading.
Its fun sometimes to find out which Gods & Goddesses  make up the whole you.



Using a group of crystals selected specifically for your reading is a powerful method to glimpse the future. The Crystals are a great tool acting as receptors to Etheric & Akashic data & help me better understand, you & your needs in a reading... these same crystals can then be programmed by me with specific energies to facilitating your path and healing if you wish. These crystals may then if you choose it, be posted to you after the reading with detailed instructions on how to gain maximum benefit.

I carry a comprehensive stock of crystals we could work. You can look at some of these at

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This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far.. scheduling sessions with me. Maybe the Crystal Ball is considered by many; the stereotypical  Psychic tool & it therefore arouses curiosity.  Regardless of why it is so popular with clients is also one of my favorite tools because it offers good detailed Images about you, your life or the group to which you belong.

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Sometimes reading the future for someone is not what is most supportive in a given situation. Instead there may need to be a change in perspective, in capabilities or course of action by that individual. 

Vibrational Essences are a wonderful, convenient & efficient healing tool ....which effectively support individuals through the necessary transformations.  I have used essences as an adjunct to psychic readings & energy healing for over 20 years. For more on the essences i like to use visit

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Often enough a client will consult with me not because they wish to glimpse at their own future but wish not to stay trapped in a recurring pattern in their life. 

Karmic investigation where previous, parallel & future life experiences are viewed is then a useful process which i promise you is painless & often times rather interesting. Once this is done Karmic Healing and re-patterning is facilitated. This is a complex healing process which has far reaching impact on the recipient's life & wellbeing.

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Some individuals want a reading which helps them understand how to outgrow their former self at a deep soul level. 
I do enjoy giving individual guidance & energetic support to those who seek out this service.
In Esoteric & Wholistic circles I am known as as a very effective practitioner in this area.

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The Value of a Psychic Reading

Is better appreciated once you understand that;

"Your future is not set in stone but instead exists in a sea of potentiality which is skewed towards offering you experiences that can facilitate your soul's growth & self completion.

A gifted & disciplined Intuitive (usually referred to as a Psychic) can help you see & understand your options in all circumstances & how they may work in with your worldly goals as well as your soul's needs." by Nevine Z Rottinger

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is a faithful servant"

by Albert Einstein

"Often you have to rely on Intuition"

by Bill Gates


A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

From around age 5, I have had an intense connection with both the physical (tangible) & the subtle (intangible) levels of our Universe. My abilities allow me to pick up intuitively on psychic information from people, environments, objects, nature, spirits and Angels. Using these abilities, I want to help provide you with the information you’re seeking whether it be answers regarding your present, past, future or the very purpose of your existence. It’s been my experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them anyway, and simply need the right spiritual guidance to become fully aware.

Call or text me now to make an appointment  on 0407660320


Your Questions, Answered

I know how difficult it is to share personal information about your life with someone you’ve just met. That’s why I believe that trust is an essential aspect of this work and I work hard to maintain it with my clients. In order for you to feel prepared for your reading, feel free to take a look at the following questions and answers below. They will help you feel relaxed before your reading. Feel free to contact me if you’d like receive further information. 

PRIVACY POLICY; I never share any personal details about your identity or your reading with anyone else but you

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In general I suggest booking no less than 20 minutes (cost $50). The reason i suggest that is that even when someone feels they will only need a yes or no to their query....often times 15-20 minutes will be needed to fully explain/understand the answer & consequences.

If you want a general reading I suggest an hour  is a good there is time to fit everything in. 

If you have a lot of questions book in an hour. 

If at any point you or I feel we don't need the whole allocated period we can stop & you pay a reduced rate.

Grey Phone


Almost 18 years ago, after reading face to face 10 years, I decided to offer my Psychic Readings & Energy Healings only over the phone, SKYPE or Email
My decision was based on the fact that people did not have travel to see me, they could have a reading during a work break  & they could do that from anywhere in Australia or indeed from any other English speaking country. It meant I could offer extended hours from the convenience of my home office. 
From a technical point of view, the fact that you are not in the room with me means I can better focus on intuitive information flooding my senses, regarding you... instead of relying on physical & visual clues available when you are present. Working at a distance requires great skill &  It has forced me to be far more centred & my readings & healing have become more accurate & effective.


If you are open minded your reading will be an empowering clarifying experience. 

Look up this video I prepared a while ago for more information; or press the ? symbol above this answer

I also suggest you read this article on accuracy of readings I wrote on my Essential Energies website a while back

Big Armchair


I think a quiet comfortable spot to call from is a great idea..also have a note pad handy & drink water before or after if possible. The water will keep you hydrated in case you need an energy healing.

Have a question that was left unanswered? Get in Touch with me today.


Shellharbour,  2529,  Australia


+SKYPE; Nevine.essentialenergies

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