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Distant Readings & Healings

My Phone & SKYPE Reading Career started one day 20 years ago when a client who loved what I had done for her asked me to read for her sister in Barcelona (Spain) over the phone. She was going through a tough time & her physical & mental health needed redirection she felt. 

Though I knew I could pick up intuitive information easily enough no matter how distant my client was from me I was nervous because I thought her sister would have trouble in such a "distant psychic reading". I mean imagine how strange & "spooky" such a concept would seem to the average person ? To my surprise her sister Sophia took to the process like a duck to water & benefited greatly. 

From that time forward that part of my practice grew geometrically. 

When I stop to think as to why a distance phone or SKYPE reading suits so many... I can think of lots of reasons these days, based on many years of direct experience.

Firstly you don't have to jump in a car boat or plane to get to the reading. So time & money is saved.

Privacy & Confidentiality is probably the next most important benefit since people can use a pseudonym & no one needs ever know their private affairs. I find its a great bonus to those who are afraid of being ridiculed for using a "fortune teller" to help clarify life direction. Business people are a prime example as are those who come from very strict religious backgrounds.

Thirdly when a reader cannot use visual clues such as your appearance to embellish a reading they are forced to devote themselves to becoming an exceptionally focused & intuitive reader.

From my perspective as a phone reader or phone Psychic....I find that when I only need to focus on the intuitive data flooding my intuitive senses instead of having to attend to etiquette of a "face to face session" I am more accurate & far more effective. Over the years as a practicing psychic my extra-ordinary senses have out of necessity sharpened to a greater degree. Years of meditation & an almost hermit like existence have added to my clarity & my clients thankfully receive the benefits. In a nutshell, not seeing clients face to face means I can focus more on what my intuition is offering me about you & your life.

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