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Dreams can become reality

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Work with me to refine your manifestation techniques.

Manifestation is a craft based on Science

Ancient cultures believed in “Magick. This belief stemmed from observing the Inexplicable tangible occurrences which were seemingly produced through certain rituals by humans (magicians, priests & sorcerers). These rituals were performed using; herbs, crystals, animal substances and/ or incantations. At times the magician called upon the forces of nature or the “gods” to create the desired outcomes. Today as a society at large we prefer to “Manifest” results through focusing our mind & through actions which are in alignment with the desired outcomes. For example if you want a better job the average person will focus on getting more education & applying for more jobs as well as writing a good resume. Only some would light a green candle in the North during the hour of Jupiter whilst uttering affirmations (…let alone incantations in Latin, Aramaic or Ancient Egyptian). However if more people understood what modern Science has discovered about certain natural laws & their implications … they too might decide to openly sing incantations before a job interview & pop Frankincense resin in their pocket.

When you call upon the forces of nature to help you manifest a desire, you call upon intangible, malleable & powerful forces that you may not yet fully understand. The good news is you can just keep it simple and just use the ancient rule of witches; “ Act as if it (whatever outcome you desire) has already come to pass”. As insurance you can wish that whatever you desire harms none by coming to fruition.

Having said that however, even if you are now not afraid to call on the forces of the universe to manifest a dream… how do you find what or who to connect to & who out there hears your wishes and makes it happen? Where are those “Gods” exactly? I have through the years come to understand the powerful forces of nature which help us manifest our desire are actually the natural self- operating subtle energy programmes in the universe which are an extension of the Prime Creator’s will. They are the product of the original mind that created everything. These self-operating programmes can be described as Archetypal Energy. Science refers to them as Morphological fields. However they are not merely the belief patterns or primal instinct in the collective human subconscious as described by Jung but actually patterns of force which are much more universal & omnipresent. As A practitioner I have often noted that activating & enhancing a person’s inherent archetypal energies supports their power to manifest dreams & goals substantially. Archetypal Energy is the building block of our soul structure and our reality. In other words the Archetypal Energy within humans is the same stuff as the Archetypal Energy fields throughout the cosmos. So by attuning a person’s Archetypal Energy to support a desire we indirectly attune the larger corresponding Archetypal field to help deliver manifestation of the same desire. This is how by changing ourselves we change our world. I am grateful to have these techniques in my practitioner tool kit. What is also important when attempting to manifest a dream is to use a sophisticated navigation system to help you set and then reach you goal. This is similar to when you decide to travel to a physical place. You usually need to first decide on a destination then use a map or a good navigation device if you don’t already know the way. When you are attempting “manifestation” or “Magical technique”, your own intuition is in fact your best “navigation system” if it is developed enough. It can potentially assist you in first defining the goal which will satisfy a certain desire and then it may also guide you as to which is the best path to your destination. Of course if your intuition is not well developed or you are confused as to what your fundamental desire might be in a situation then it is wise to use the services of an ethical professional intuitive ( professional psychic, clairvoyant or Soul Coach).

If you wish only to rely on your own intuition in creating your Magick, then remember to re-calibrate or update that navigation system from time to time also. When using your intuition, meditating regularly helps re-calibrate your intuition. Of course in the same way that It is important to refer back to what the Navigation device is telling you on the screen in your car at certain points in your journey….so it is important to check in with your intuition when manifesting Magick or goal. The act of frequently revisiting & refining your goal and checking it up against your intuition is similar to looking periodically at the screen on your navigation device in a car. Praying or meditating frequently to draw on your intuition is imperative to stay on the best path to your manifested goal/dream and needs to be kept in mind. Maybe that is why Muslims pray five times a day & Tibetan Monks meditate a great portion of each day. It helps those groups stay in touch with their internal soul navigation system.

So no need to be indecisive, when setting a goal you wish to manifest. Trust your logic but most of all your intuition. Ask yourself does this feel right. Will I need to tweak it at some later time? Also be aware that sometimes you are invited by the universe to explore the terrain (field of potentials) along your way to your yet to be decided upon target (somewhat like a tourist in a new land) for the purpose of your Souls evolution. To understand this concept you might think of it as similar to the following example. Imagine yourself to be on your way to the Sistine Chapel in Roma & beforehand spending some time in deciding; do you catch the taxi or the bus to arrive at your destination. Your decision may be based on a desire to take in other tourist attractions along the way or you may just want the fastest least congested route. You may also ask yourself; is it worth seeing new tourist attractions along the way if it means reducing your available time to drink in the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. You might check “trip Adviser” website etc. A magician (an expert in manifestation) on the other hand…. would be open instead as to the best path to the destination and once they set their goal; to bask in the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, would let go the detail as to exactly what “needs” to happen along the way. For him the Universe may provide a good looking blond girl on a Vespa offering him a ride. She apparently overheard his inquiries at Concierge as to the best route to the Sistine Chapel whilst she was sipping her drink earlier in the hotel lobby. The Magician (expert Manifestor) accepts the unexpected as long as it feels right in his gut. So he gets a free ride from a native of Rome and is enriched both along the road and by his destination. Similarly our Soul takes unusual routes sometimes to our goals for the purpose of spiritual education.

When the ancients prayed to the gods for what they desired it was perhaps prompted by an innate awareness in Humans that we can co-create our reality in some way. They also knew that focus and a lack of fear of failing (Faith), usually led to success. Today we have scientist telling us that all of creation is linked in more ways than we were aware of till recently. Apparently there is an invisible energy field that links all creation. There are also some well known scientific experiments which have indicated that our feelings (not our emotions) help navigate us to success. Other experiments indicate that our attention on a desired outcome grounds it ( selects ) it from the quantum field of random endless possibilities. Lastly modern Science tells us that what we affect in our local environment through our attention and action has a ripple effect on the larger cosmos. Magical ritual it seems, maybe not be as foolish or useless as we might have thought. We know now that our Cosmos has a fractal structure and so what happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike. If you doubt your focus when attempting to manifest a desired result or are at a loss on how to perform the most appropriate/ productive ritual in the situation. It is then wise to consult those of us who understand the most appropriate "correspondences" and so can help you built powerfully productive ritual. Don’t worry we usually have no warts on our noses nor do we ride on broomsticks these days.

Sometimes your success in manifesting something you desire will require you to remove outdated subconscious beliefs about yourself and other times it will require removing old traumas from previous incarnations. At those times you may need more than talk therapies. You may benefit more from Energetic Healing which includes Karmic Reprogramming. Karmic Reprogramming is a sophisticated healing technique that few practitioners are proficient in let alone fully understand. Yet it can mean the difference between success and failure. I am often glad it is part of my toolkit and call upon it with a good proportion of clients.

PS; 5 Ways to improve your manifestation ability;

Imagine your success, believe in it, talk as if you have done it, act as if you already have success, let go the fear it won’t happen and remember to receive it when it arrives.

If that does not work for you then don’t be afraid to call on friends & family or colleagues to help you focus & to keep you entertained long enough that you don’t have time to fear failure as you pursue the goal. Lastly if you need a little more help then don’t hesitate to call on those of us who you have heard are professional Energy Healers & "Manifestors" (=Magicians). I look forward to hearing from you if you ever need a little help manifesting a dream.

Author; Nevine Z Rottinger (copyright 2020)

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