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Work pressures?...Get an Energy Healing

Updated: Dec 11, 2020


Energy Therapies for Work Pressures

It can be difficult to stay motivated and relaxed in the work place at times. Meeting deadlines, reaching key performance indicators, working long hours or having to deal with difficult customers, can all be very draining and demoralizing on your person. Sometimes you may have been managing reasonably well… then all of a sudden….an unexpected “catastrophic” event such as a global financial crisis or pandemic puts a spanner in the works.

Regular Exercise, Yoga & Meditation can all help keep you feeling empowered & relaxed. Of course enough sleep & a nutritious diet help keep your brain sharp & your vitality high. However despite our best intentions there are times where stress levels rise to dangerous levels or chronic fatigue set in. People can leave jobs prematurely or resign themselves to sub clinical levels of depression in order to stay in the job which pays their bills. Furthermore, the link between long term stress levels in humans and the development of serious disease is now widely accepted. Not many are aware yet that Energy Therapies offer enormous support & “salvation” to the work weary. Hands on healing, distance Energy Healing, Vibrational Essences & Crystal Healing are all good examples of effective energy therapies.

As an Intuitive Energy Healer & Counselor of 29 years I have long been aware that having an Energy Healing or at least an energy rebalance regularly, can keep a person highly functional & happy throughout the most challenging of life and work situations. Sadly however many people only seek out help from health and "wellness practitioners" long after their physical and mental health has become seriously compromised. Yet it is wisest to have your Human Energy Field rebalanced & repaired on a regular basis by an Energy Healer. If you consider that all humans have a subtle Energy Field, which is fundamental to their actual Existence you begin to appreciate the importance of keeping that Energy Field in an optimal state.

Interestingly the physical body and the various systems within it, including the brain, are often the focus of conventional western medicine. This is not the so in what is today termed “Alternative Medicine”, where it is instead the Energy Bodies of a person that are the primary focus in an attempt to facilitate healing. There is historical evidence that even the most ancient of civilizations focused firstly on healing the Subtle Energy Field (which is really the Subtle Body). This then facilitated healing of the denser physical body.

Today as the world grows smaller thanks to communication, internet & faster travel, there has been a resurgence of Energy Therapies & indeed an increase in understanding these better, as they have attracted the attention of scientific & medical experimentation. Pharmaceutical companies talk about a "curious" 40-60% increase in healings within many of their experimental Placebo groups when compared to the groups taking a pharmaceutical drug. The power of the mind on healing is well documented. Healers are known to habitually have different dominant brain waves to the rest of the population. Science has explored how what we feel & focus our attention towards does manipulate the invisible Energy field which connects the whole of creation. Today more people are open to the fact, that given enough opportunity the body is more easily healed by the addition of energy therapies alongside western modern medicine. Note also that there are many of us in the so called “alternative circles” who rarely ever end up needing any modern western medicine due to a healthy lifestyle & Energy Therapies.

I feel awed every time I offer Energy Healings to someone in my practice & what follows is a near miraculous resolution of their health concerns. It does not happen every time or for everyone who consults with me but the percentage is higher than pure chance & higher than even the expected placebo effect in more cases than I can sometimes understand. This is still considered a pseudo therapy by many & yet as a woman with a Science degree i have to contend with the substantial improvements in wellbeing of clients who get Energy Healings. It is impressive & hard to dismiss as simply a coincidental or random event . I don’t believe that Energy Healings would be enough as a stand alone therapy for most members of the public. Simply because in my experience many people have sought out energy therapies as a last resort & by then the body has degenerated substantially. However for those who are pro-active & who have an open mind this is an extremely valuable tool worth reaching out for.

I remember having a person brought along by one of my students 4 years ago to receive an Energy Healing by that class 3 weeks before their graduation. The woman had numerous emotional scars & physical diseases. She could not hold down a job due to her pained body. After receiving two class healings, many of her symptoms improved as did her mental well- being. She found work and moved home to a place where she much preferred to live. One of the healings was offered through distance healing & was obviously very effective.

Next time work pressure is getting you down don’t just reach out for wine & pain killers. Even if you do, then also consider taking a walk in fresh air, swimming in the Ocean, eating clean, meditating & booking yourself in for an Energy healing….They work!!

Keep Well xx

Author; Nevine Rottinger @ Essential Energies

September 2020

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