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Weather Astrology

Weather Astrology seems to predict the March / April 2022 floods on Australia’s NSW’s coast and in Spain's Malaga

Its early April 2022 and two seemingly random events may be linked. Some people will assume these two events to be “coincidences”. Many would never consider let alone believe you can predict events by observing the correlations between astronomical events & certain occurrences on earth.

Interestingly if you have ever taken an interest in Weather Astrology, you may have noted that when the planet Jupiter is in one of the Zodiac water signs ( constellations) such as Cancer, Scorpio & more importantly Pisces that many places on earth will be prone to more humid, wet and rainy conditions.

What is happening in 2022 is that Jupiter (the planet of plenty) is in Pisces (The most “watery” water sign). What is happening concurrently is that Jupiter is near completing a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. A conjunction occurs when two planets are right next to each other in the sky. So even a novice weather Astrologer, would anticipate a very wet year (or season) and perhaps flooding of biblical proportions, in certain parts of the globe.

Jupiter and Neptune align in a conjunction every 13 years. However last time they met up in watery Pisces was way back in 1856 and the next time will not be till 2188. This conjunction is closest from the 7th till the 17th of April 2022

What is also interesting is that the conjunction between Jupiter & Neptune is squaring (at 90 degrees) to Sagittarius in the skies. A 90 degree angle is historically predictive of a challenge, tension or disruption indicated by the planets involved. Australia is considered a Sagittarius country and we have the Crux constellation in the skies overhead as does Brazil. Today Crux is found in Scorpio which is the sign for Spain apparently. However in ancient times Crux was found in Sagitarius (the Centaur). So an Astrologer might assume that Australia, Spain and Brazil might well be heavily affected somewhere by heavy rains, humidity & perhaps floods.

What I am most intrigued by is the fact that if you dig a hole like a straight tunnel towards earths centre from the town of Kiama on our South Coast of N.S.W, you would come up somewhere in Portugal on the other side of the earth. Portugal is only 6 hours away from Malaga in Spain. In Astrology both latitude & longitude of places matter but so does the declination of planets in relation to Earth. So is the flooding in Malaga & the flooding on the eastern coast of NSW connected in some way? Is the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces connected also to the floods in Brazil? The study of Astrology has been built on the study of data detailing repeated correlations between Astronomical events & occurrences on Earth. Could these Astronomical events correlate with the Astrological indications (predictions)? Anything is possible. Many suggest Climate Change or Weather Engineering as the cause of such events. I suggest that until there are equal amounts of data on all the possible causes we may all need to just keep an open mind.

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